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KHSSCA Boys 2022 Kansas All State Teams

By KHSSCA, 11/18/22, 3:00PM CST





The KHSSCA would like to congratulate the Fall 2022 Boys Soccer State Championship Teams and their coaches!

6A -  Mill Valley, Coach Jason Pendleton
5A  - Maize South,  Coach Ray Ramirez
4-1A - Bishop Miege, Coach Nate Huppe 


Congratulations to each of the Coaches, Referees, and Players who were selected by all Kansas HS Soccer coaches as deserving of All-State honors for KSHSAA Fall 2022 Boys Soccer Season. There were 276 players nominated this year (6A - 111, 5A - 94, 4A - 71).  Teams are listed below for each classification and congrats again to all these amazing student-athletes.


Congratulations to our referee crew of the year as voted on by all classifications and schools in the All-State Voting process.

Referees of the year:

Gordon Wetmore III
Anthony Sobolevsky

Mike McNally
Phil Gomez
Scott Dryer


Coach of the Year:
Jason Pendleton - Mill Valley

Forward of the Year:
Gage Daniels - SR - Olathe West

Midfielder of the Year:
Nico Pendleton - SR - Mill Valley

Defender of the Year:
Owen Peachee - SR - Mill Valley

Goalkeeper of the Year:
Cole Morris - SR - Olathe West



FWD Gage Daniels Senior Olathe West
FWD Jack Lucas Senior Shawnee Mission East
FWD Aron Martinez Junior Dodge City
FWD Dylan Ashford Senior Mill Valley
FWD Easton Bradstreet Senior Washburn Rural
FWD Angel Lopez Junior Dodge City
FWD Christian Martinez Senior Olathe Northwest
MID Nico Pendleton Senior Mill Valley
MID Irwin Macias Senior Dodge City
MID Noah Conover Senior Olathe Northwest
MID Braxton Arpachina Senior Olathe West
MID Sam McIntosh Senior Blue Vally Northwest
MID Brevyn Cole Senior Olathe South
MID Trey Mckee Junior Olathe West
MID Beck Rettenmaier Junior Shawnee Mission East
MID David Garcia Junior Dodge City
DEF Owen Peachee Senior Mill Valley
DEF Sam Delong Junior Olathe West
DEF Carlo Sadun Senior Blue Valley West
DEF Sam Safly Senior Shawnee Mission West
DEF Soren Dujakovich  Senior Shawnee Mission West
GK Cole Morris Senior Olathe West
GK Colin Riley Senior Mill Valley


FWD Gael Landeros Senior Wichita East
FWD Devon Rutschmann Junior Washburn Rural
FWD Sergio Hernandez Sophomore Shawnee Mission West
FWD Jaxon Slaven Senior Olathe South
FWD Nestor Reyes  Senior Shawnee Mission Northwest
FWD Grant Garberg Junior Blue Valley North
FWD Ike Sheets Senior Shawnee Mission East
FWD Davis Bright Senior Blue Valley
FWD Aidan Boehmer Junior Olathe East
FWD Cale Scott Senior Lawrence
MID Gage Akalu Senior Olathe North
MID Angel Vielmas Sophomore Derby
MID Marco Hernandez  Junior Shawnee Mission West
MID Braxton Williams Senior Blue Valley West
MID Parker Million Senior Blue Vally Northwest
DEF Nick Hodson Senior Mill Valley
DEF Wesley Cribb Junior Shawnee Mission East
DEF Tate Wichman Senior Blue Valley North
DEF Ricki Li Senior Blue Vally Northwest
DEF Corbin Newell Senior Olathe South
DEF Parker Bumgarner Senior Olathe West
DEF Tyler Smalley Senior Wichita Northwest
DEF Brandon Castillo Senior Dodge City
DEF Cayden Lee Senior Washburn Rural
GK Charlie Duske Senior Shawnee Mission East


FWD Oscar Vitela Senior Wichita North
FWD Cooper Marquette Senior Blue Valley West
FWD Manuel Romero Senior Shawnee Mission West
FWD Jesus Ortiz Freshman Wichita Northwest
FWD Martin Soto-Tovar Senior Wichita Northwest
FWD Aidan Morrison Senior Topeka High
FWD Isaac Navejar Junior Harmon
FWD Leo Fernandez Sophomore Derby
FWD Molelwa Abandelwa Junior Wichita Southeast
MID Phil Mutantika  Junior Shawnee Mission West
MID Ty Stead Senior Washburn Rural
MID Gavin Hudnall Senior Olathe Northwest
MID JJ Zheng Sophomore Lawrence Free State
MID Gilan Brown Junior Gardner Edgerton
MID Emmanuel Ortuño Senior Liberal
MID Juan Garcia-Bernal Senior Harmon
MID Nolan Schmidt Senior Blue Valley
MID Eden Kay Senior Blue Valley North
DEF Emerson Bihuniak Senior Shawnee Mission East
DEF Chilton Bondurant Senior Shawnee Mission Northwest
DEF Matt Morgan Senior Mill Valley
DEF Evan Myers Senior Blue Valley
DEF Jadan Denesongkham Junior Derby
DEF Utah Hester Junior Lawrence Free State
DEF Adam Darst Senior Olathe East
GK Ben Barett Senior Lawrence Free State
GK Colby Reese Senior Blue Valley West


Coach of the Year:
Ray Ramirez - Maize South

Forward of the Year:
Alvaro ' Jr' Quezada  - SR - Maize South

Midfielder(s) of the Year:
Vitor Geromel - JR - Maize South

Defender(s) of the Year:
Caden Wait - JR - Maize South

Goalkeeper of the Year:
Andrew Cole - SR - Maize South


FWD Alvaro 'Jr' Quezada Senior Maize South
FWD Baha Ibrahim Senior Blue Valley Southwest
FWD Ethan Young Senior Saint Thomas Aquinas
FWD Miles Edwards Junior Maize South
FWD Jordan Garvin l Senior Shawnee Heights
FWD Crew Alvarez  Sophomore Blue Valley Southwest
FWD Victor Medina Junior Newton
MID Vitor Geromel Junior Maize South
MID Gavin Bowman Senior Maize South
MID Barrett Kitts Senior Saint Thomas Aquinas
MID Drew Price Senior Blue Valley Southwest
MID Collin Hershberger Senior Newton
MID Maclain Dahm Junior Blue Valley Southwest
MID Dominic Zuniga  Senior Goddard
MID Caleb Brueckner Senior Spring Hill
MID Nate Stephens Junior Andover Central
DEF Caden Wait Junior Maize South
DEF Michael Bernabe Junior Blue Valley Southwest
DEF Brennan Sant Senior Blue Valley Southwest
DEF Gabe Garcia Senior Saint Thomas Aquinas
DEF Hudson Bell Senior Sumner
DEF Jesus Renteria Senior Newton
GK Andrew Cole Senior Maize South


FWD Brian Aleman  Senior Goddard
FWD Anthony Consuegra Senior Saint Thomas Aquinas
FWD Giovanni Garcilazo Senior Emporia
FWD Carson Achey Sophomore Goddard
FWD Darrien Gates Junior Sumner
FWD Alex Truong Senior Kapaun Mt. Carmel
FWD Juan Hernandez Junior Sumner
MID Ben Scognamillo Junior Kapaun Mt. Carmel
MID Jack Moll Senior Andover
MID Jonathan "Jonny" Galvan Junior Newton
MID Eddie Lopez-Garcia Senior Newton
MID Holden Schaefer Junior Kapaun Mt. Carmel
MID Isaac Wilson Senior Shawnee Heights
DEF Rudy Bedolla Senior Emporia
DEF Eddie Johnson Senior Andover
DEF Liam Catano Junior St. James
DEF Cooper Carman Junior Andover Central
DEF Erik Huerta Junior Bishop Caroll
DEF Jacob Brueckner Senior Spring Hill
DEF Luke Wolff Senior Kapaun Mt. Carmel
GK Andrew Seger Senior Saint Thomas Aquinas
GK Brody Macoubrie Senior De Soto


FWD Gage Hosford Senior Bishop Caroll
FWD Jesus Cardona Senior Shawnee Heights
FWD Diego Muller Senior Hays
FWD Anh Tuan Do  Junior Piper
FWD Colton Ruggles Senior Andover Central
FWD Jack Martin Junior Shawnee Heights
FWD Micah Brownell Senior De Soto
FWD Cooper Brucker Senior Andover
FWD Jace St. Peter Senior Hays
FWD Charlie Fasl Sophomore St. James
MID Will Ediger Senior St. James
MID Aiden Haislett  Senior Goddard
MID Jefry Linares Senior Emporia
MID Grady Herrington Sophomore St. James
MID Seth Flores Junior Salina South
MID Yoseph Espinoza  Senior Goddard
MID Devon Neal-McFarthing Senior Andover
MID Edwin Maciel Junior Emporia
MID Hudson Lee Senior Bishop Caroll
MID Jonah Utter Senior Piper
MID Carson Crow Junior Salina South
DEF Gibson Daise Junior De Soto
DEF Grayson Anderson Senior Andover
GK Braden Rupp Senior Andover
GK Abram Wall Sophomore Newton


Coaches of the Year:
Chris Adrian - McPherson
Matt McCune - Baldwin

Forward of the Year:
Cooper Greene - JR - Bishop Miege

Midfielder of the Year:
Caleb Carr - SR - Baldwin

Defender of the Year:
Xander Christian - SR - Bishop Miege

Goalkeepers of the Year:
Jackson McWilliams - JR - Tonganoxie
Jax Frederick - SR - Buhler


FWD Cooper Greene Junior Bishop Miege
FWD Brendan Kuzmic Senior Tonganoxie
FWD Cade Gassman Senior Louisburg
FWD Isaiah Morris Junior Kansas City Christian
FWD Jaylen Cherry Junior Buhler
FWD Kayden McVicker Senior McPherson
FWD Logan Ruddle Junior Augusta
FWD Ben Thorson Senior Mulvane
FWD Colin McManigal Senior Louisburg
FWD Daylin Jantzen Senior Rose Hill
MID Caleb Carr Senior Baldwin
MID Hayden Hoxie Sophomore McPherson
MID Parker Hurla Senior Eudora
MID Grant Bealmear Sophomore Bishop Miege
MID Cooper Buell Junior Augusta
MID Jaden Kretzer Senior Buhler
DEF Xander Christian Senior Bishop Miege
DEF Jesse Hopper Senior Baldwin
DEF Austen Lopez Junior Bishop Miege
DEF Andruw Weeks Senior Rose Hill
DEF Trenton Womack Junior Trinity Academy
GK Jackson McWilliams Junior Tonganoxie
GK Jax Frederick Senior Buhler


FWD Cody Meckel Junior Augusta
FWD Elliot Casamento Junior Trinity Academy
FWD Jordy Dolloff Senior Wichita Classical
FWD Cooper Carr Freshman Baldwin
FWD Gavinn Henry Senior McPherson
MID Paul Rodriguez Sophomore Bishop Miege
MID Zach Sanford Junior Atchison-Maur Hill
MID Ethan Stambaugh Senior Buhler
MID Gavin Mannebach Senior Bishop Miege
MID Trent Barnes Senior Tonganoxie
MID Christian Koehn Junior Eudora
MID Daniel McVay Senior Trinity Academy
MID Toby Espina Roca Senior Louisburg
MID Aiden McKee Junior Mulvane
MID Hunter Mendez Junior McPherson
DEF Andrew Gomez Senior Eudora
DEF Caleb Roberson Senior Trinity Academy
DEF Dawsyn Valdois Junior Buhler
DEF Iker Ragues Roma Junior Tonganoxie
DEF Miles Dulac Senior Atchison-Maur Hill
DEF TJ Logan Senior Wichita Classical
GK Caden Englert Senior Baldwin


FWD Gavin Shupe Junior Tonganoxie
FWD Tait Sinclair Junior Wichita Classical
FWD Braeden Templin Senior Berean Academy
MID Cole Darling Senior Buhler
MID Kierran Hoffman Junior Mulvane
MID Scotty Carr Junior Rose Hill
MID Derek Lehmann Junior Eudora
MID Kalvin LaPlant Senior Augusta
MID Kai Krieger Freshman Wichita Classical
MID Luke Anderson Sophomore Rose Hill
MID Karson Stinson Junior Trinity Academy
MID Alex Zapata Senior Berean Academy
DEF Matthew Sword Senior Louisburg
DEF Gavin York Senior Louisburg
DEF Bradin Dennett Junior Augusta
DEF Joe Jirak Senior Atchison-Maur Hill
GK Nate Steinlage Sophomore Eudora
GK Peyton Carselowey Junior Augusta
GK Temo Luna-Berumen Senior Rose Hill
GK Sam Wilkey Junior Wichita Classical
GK Calen Linder Senior Trinity Academy
GK Brecon Klugman Senior Louisburg
GK Alex Dial Senior Mulvane